Alan J Smith FCICM

Director of Corporate Governance, HCEO

Alan Smith is an authorised High Court Enforcement Officer and Director of Corporate Governance at High Court Enforcement Group, the UK’s largest independent company of High Court Enforcement Officers.

He is also the Vice Chair and a director of the High Court Enforcement Officers’ Association. In this role he has been involved in discussions with Government departments on enforcement and worked closely with the Ministry of Justice to develop the new fee scale for High Court Enforcement, introduced in April 2014.

Alan is committed to professional standards throughout the enforcement industry: he sits on the Association’s educational board and works closely with the Chartered Institute of Credit Management for the Association’s established qualification.

He started his career in local government, working in a number of posts in the General Rates, Poll Tax and Council Tax departments of two local authorities. He realised early on in his career that enforcement was the pathway he wanted to take.

In 1993 Alan left the public sector to join a Yorkshire Sheriff’s office, passing the Sheriffs’ Officers’ Association examination in 1995 and appointed Sheriffs’ Officer for West and North Yorkshire and Cumbria in that year and was made an Associate Partner in 1999. In the same year he became a committee member of the Sheriffs’ Officers’ Association and was also active on the National Sheriffs’ Campaign working group, promoting the use of Sheriffs’ Officers’ and the High Court for the enforcement of County Court judgments.

After joining a large HCEO company in 2003, Alan was appointed an Authorised High Court Enforcement Officer by the Lord Chancellor one year later. In 2007, he was promoted to Chief Operations Officer and managed the field enforcement operations through a dedicated support team.

In 2010 he joined a Lancashire based enforcement company to establish a High Court Enforcement department, before making his move to High Court Enforcement Group in December 2012, when he joined the management team at HCE Group as the Director of Corporate Governance.

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