Gary Bovan

Director of Client Care, HCEO

Gary Bovan joined C.N. Gaunt and Son in 1986 where he practiced as a bailiff to the sheriff and certificated bailiff. He passed his entrance exam into the Bailiffs Association in 1989 and gained a wealth of practical experience and respect for his practical approach to enforcement.

Gary had an active role in the National Eviction Team and has dealt with large-scale evictions within the north of England.

He has assisted in training in a number of different roles alongside the Inland Revenue, Customs and Excise and Official Receivers Office. He shows great strengths in the field of commercial rent recovery and has a proven record as an effective recovery officer.

Being appointed by the Senior Master as a High Court Enforcement Officer, he sat as a Director of the High Court Enforcement Officers Association working on the education pathway for its members. He is currently a nominated tutor on the educational pathway, sharing his knowledge with new High Court Enforcement Officers.

Having successfully built C.N. Gaunt and Son into a regional firm, in February 2013 he became a director of client care within the High Court Enforcement Group Limited, continuing his role as an Authorised High Court Enforcement Officer.

He has a passion for recovery and believes in fast, effective enforcement.

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