Mike Anderson

Group Director, HCEO

Mike Anderson has been a Bailiff since 1988 and was appointed as a Sheriff Officer in 1995 for a number of counties around the country. In March 2004 Mike received his appointment as an Authorised High Court Enforcement Officer.

Mike has a vast amount of experience, having been involved in every major eviction that the National Team has dealt with.

Mike has served on the Board of Directors of the High Court Enforcement Officers Association, and was their disciplinary chairman. He is also a group director of High Court Enforcement Group that provides enforcement solutions throughout England and Wales. Mike deals with all things operational and generally serves in a bronze role when on an eviction site.

Mike has extensive experience in dealing with trespassers and enjoys finding the right solutions to technical problems. He takes a practical approach to his role and embraces challenges.

COVID-19 update

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