Quicker eviction of illegal immigrants

Quicker eviction of illegal immigrants

Legislation introduced in 2014 made it harder for people to live in the UK illegally – with nearly 36,000 immigration offenders removed from the UK last year. Measures in the forthcoming Immigration Bill are to enable a landlords to evict illegal immigrant tenants more easily. Giving them the means to end a tenancy when a person’s leave to remain in the UK ends - in some circumstances even without a court order. This process will be triggered by a notice being issued by the Home Office confirming that the tenant no longer has the right to rent in the UK. The landlord would then be expected to take action to ensure that the illegal immigrant tenant or occupant leaves the property. We are obviously interested in how this is going to be implemented and how the landlord or agent is empowered under the Bill. Also under what circumstances they can effect any eviction without a court order. To assist this, the Government now plans to extend across the country the “Right to Rent” checks that were a pilot scheme in the West Midlands. Whereby landlords are required to conduct checks on their tenants’ immigration status before offering a tenancy agreement. There is an important Code of Practice on illegal immigrants and private rented accommodation which can be accessed through this link.

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