Commercial landlords

We offer a range of commercial property services including recovery of commercial rent arrears, forfeiture of lease and eviction of squatters, travellers and protesters. We have experience with all types of commercial property and land and can guarantee that we will act swiftly. We have a recovery rate of 100 percent for land and property and have the knowledge and experience to help you recover your commercial property quickly and efficiently.

Forfeiture of Lease

We can undertake forfeiture of lease on behalf of commercial property landlords. Forfeiture of lease can be undertaken if the tenant has broken the terms of their lease, the most common term broken is the non-payment of rent.

Our enforcement agents will visit the commercial premises and undertake forfeiture ensuring that once possession has been secured that a locksmith is on hand to secure the property. We will ensure that we use the correct paperwork and use the correct notices such as a notice that forfeiture has been undertake and any tort notice if the tenant’s property remains in the premises.

Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery

If you need to recover rental arrears, we are qualified and experienced and will issue the required notice of enforcement

Our Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery service (CRAR) is fast and responsive ensuring your interests are fully secured. We will issue the notice of enforcement required under the regulations within 24 hours and often, depending on the timing of instruction, on the same day.

Eviction of squatters, protesters and trespassers from land

If your property of land has squatters, protester or trespassers we can help, there are two options when dealing with an eviction against persons unknown, the first being eviction under common law and the second being under a writ of possession. We will be able to advise which is the most suitable option based on the circumstances and our team will undertake a thorough risk assessment before the eviction takes place.

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