Local authorities

We offer a range of services for local authorities including traveller and trespasser removal, commercial rent arrears recovery, forfeiture of commercial lease, eviction of residential tenants and recovery of sundry debt for any debt in excess of £600.

Traveller and trespasser removal

We can remove trespassers and travellers from local authority owned land under a writ of possession. We carry out a thorough assessment and will advise you which is the best course of action to take.

We carry out risk assessments and will advise you of any potential risks and ensure you are kept fully up to date with our progress and alert you to any potential safeguarding or human rights issues. We are also aware that any removal must ensure the safety of the public and we consider this paramount. We have worked on behalf of many local authorities and have a track record of 100% success.

Commercial rent arrears recovery

We are experts in Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery also known as CRAR. If you have tenants who have fallen into arrears, then we can carry out CRAR to recover rent plus interest and VAT. The rent must be at least seven days overdue and CRAR can only be used for commercial rent arrears.

We will give the tenant 7 days’ notice of enforcement, after this time period has elapsed and the rent is still due, we are able to carry out enforcement, enforcement is carried out by our certificated enforcement agents and we will keep you informed as to the progress of your case at all times.

Forfeiture of commercial lease

We can carry out forfeiture of lease, this is a termination of the lease due to breach of the terms such as non-payment of rent. Our certificated enforcement agents will enter the property peacefully and regain possession of the property. We will ensure that the property is secured and that the correct notices and torts are affixed in a prominent position.

Eviction of residential tenants

If you need to take possession of a residential property, we can help. As a local authority there might be several grounds you are seeking possession, and these include:

Discretionary grounds including rent arrears and breaking the terms of the tenancy agreement

Mandatory grounds including overcrowding and demolition or redevelopment

To use High Court Enforcement, you will need to seek leave under Section 42 of the County Courts Act. We can assist with the wording and paperwork for this and act on your behalf to take possession of the property.

Recovery of sundry debt

If there is sundry debt owed and the value of your judgment owed by the debtor is over £600 then High Court enforcement can be a route to recover the money owed when all others have failed. We will transfer the judgment up to the High Court, the court fee for this is listed here. Once we have the writ, we can carry out the enforcement at the debtors’ home or place of business. This is an effective way to recover debt that is owed to a local authority and we can guide you through the process.

The enforcement of writs of possession

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The enforcement of writs of control

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