Residential tenant eviction

If you are owed rent arrears on your residential property, or need your tenant to vacate then you will need to follow the process of obtaining possession. There are four steps you need to follow to regain possession of your property. You may wish to follow the procedure yourself or you may wish to seek independent legal advice. The four steps are:-

  • Prepare and personally serve of a notice to end the tenancy agreement
  • Issue possession proceedings at the county court
  • Obtain a court order for possession
  • Obtain possession – eviction of the tenant

Before HCE Group can assist with eviction of your tenant, we need to know whether you have obtained a Possession Order and the court has given permission for the matter to be enforced in the High Court.

You have obtained a possession order

If you have obtained an order for possession but did not within your claim form make an application under Section 42 County Court Act 1984, then High Court Enforcement Group can assist you with the completion of an application on form N244 or you can make this application yourself.

If the Court grant permission then High Court Enforcement Group can transfer the order through our transfer up centre and obtain a Writ of Possession which allows us to evict your tenant. If you wish to instruct High Court Enforcement Group then please complete our online instruction form or contact us on 08450 999 666.

You have not commenced court proceedings

If you have not commenced proceedings through the County Court then visit our page on residential possession proceedings.

COVID-19 update

The latest information on our plans regarding the enforcement of cases during the COVID-19 crisis.


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