Judgment enforcement

If your High Court or County Court judgment is due we’ll help you collect your money quickly and easily

We’re specialists in High Court enforcement. We’ve got the skills and experience to get you effective solutions. Our free transfer up service enables all County Court judgments over £600 (except where the judgment arises from a regulated agreement under the Consumer Credit Act 1974) and under six years old to be transferred to the High Court for enforcement by one of our High Court Enforcement Officers.

What to do

Instructing HCE Group to act on your behalf is quick and simple. All we require is a copy of the sealed judgment and any further information on the debtor you have. We can transfer the action out of the County Court and into the High Court for fast, effective enforcement.

Our transfer-up service is free of charge, but you will need to make a payment of £71 for the court fee then we can obtain the writ of control before we can get started.

The easiest way to get things moving is to fill in our online Judgment Enforcement form.

Alternatively send your completed form along with a copy of your sealed judgment and a cheque (payable to HMCTS) for your court fee to transfers@hcegroup.co.uk or post it to:

High Court Enforcement
Helix, 1st Floor
Edmund Street
L3 9NY

All instructions are given prompt attention and where practical, processed within 24 hours. For urgent enquiries or more information call 08450 999 666.

  • Collect YOUR money
  • Collect it fast
  • Collect it using our legal powers

About our service

Our national team of highly skilled and professional enforcement officers and bailiffs are recognised for their extensive local knowledge and commitment to upholding the values of responsibility and accountability. They are dedicated to firm but fair enforcement.

This local expertise teamed with the benefits, resources and support of our national company infrastructure is what makes us different and gives our service the edge. At HCE we provide innovative, effective recovery solutions across England and Wales.

We believe that determination leads to results, we will, on the receipt of the writ at the office, issue a notice of enforcement to the debtor. If the debtor does not pay after this notice, an enforcement agent will visit the debtor to take control of the debtor’s goods. We will then report to you direct, as to the action that has been taken.

Where we recover your judgment and costs in full, we also collect £71 costs of execution under the writ and interest at 8% per annum for you. Our fees and charges are paid by the debtor upon successful recovery.

Our enforcement agents are assisted by HCE’s bespoke case management system and carry handheld credit and debit card machines allowing for secure chip & pin payments on the doorstep.

Instruct us and we’ll take care of everything, you’re in safe hands.

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