COVID19 – possession update

Residential evictions

As you may be aware, the Government is introducing emergency legislation to prevent landlords from starting eviction proceedings against tenants for a period of at least three months. Here is the press notice.

This is to protect renters in both social and private accommodation in these challenging times. It will allow those with financial difficulties the time to secure additional financial support introduced by the Government.

At High Court Enforcement Group, we will not be making any new eviction appointments until such time as the ban is lifted. In the case of any planned evictions, we will contact you directly to discuss the situation.

Commercial property evictions

The Government has also ordered a moratorium on commercial landlord sanctions for at least three months, to prevent landlords from forfeiting the leases of tenants who miss rent payments because of coronavirus during this period.

The rent will still be due, this is only a delay on forfeiture – once the moratorium is lifted, the landlord will be able to exercise forfeiture or recover rent arrears.

Given that rents are due imminently, either 1st April or the 25th March quarter day, we would recommend discussing voluntary arrangements about rent payments with tenants.

Removal of “persons unknown”

To date, there are no restrictions on evictions of trespassers or protesters under a writ of possession against persons unknown.

We will consider each case based on the urgency of the removal and the level of public interest involved, the likely availability of Police support and the health and safety of the enforcement agents, Police, occupants and general public.

If you do have a requirement in this area, please email us and we will contact you to discuss the details of the case and propose a course of action.

24th March 2020

COVID-19 updates for debtors

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