Commercial forfeiture

  • What if I agree for them to go back in?

    You should call our Office and get the cost of the action. This is important so it can be paid in full prior to letting them in.

    It is important for you to realise you have forfeited the lease and it should be reinstated. If you just let them back in it could be seen as a tenancy at will as the lease was broken.

  • What if they break back in?

    It is criminal damage and as the Police have been advised, they should assist you in the complaint.

  • Are the Police involved?

    We notify the Police of our intentions and confirm that the Landlord has recovered the premises. Should anything occur then they are aware.

  • Do I need to be there?

    No, we deal with the whole process – we just need to know where to drop off the keys.

  • Can I keep their goods?

    No, you have severed your lease and you cannot hold their goods. You have to allow them reasonable time to recover them and allow them access. If there are goods within, you can levy upon them under a rent authorisation. Call our Office to discuss your options.

  • I have a question not listed?

    You can call any member of our team who will be able to answer your question. Don’t worry how trivial it may seem, we are here to help. Please contact a member of our Commercial and Eviction Services Team on 01792 450031.

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