Evictions – Common Law

  • Do you arrange for the locksmith/transporters?

    Property: Yes, again if you hold keys and alarm codes please let us know.

    Land: Yes, removal trucks will be arranged where required.

  • What if the trespassers have already left?

    Property: This makes things easier as there will be no issue regarding peaceable entry. We still need to attend to search any buildings.

    Land: Call our Office to prevent an attendance, reducing costs.

  • Do I need to be there?

    No we deal with the whole process, we just need to know where to drop the keys and if you require additional services to secure the site.

  • Are the Police involved?

    We notify the Police of our intentions and confirm that the Landlord has recovered the premises. Should anything occur then they are aware.

  • What if they break back in and re-occupy?

    Property: It is criminal damage and as the Police have been advised, they should assist you in the complaint.

    Land: If it is the same trespassers then we will re-attend, but this is very rare..

  • I have a question not listed?

    You can call any member of our team who will be able to answer your question – don’t worry how trivial it may seem, we’re here to help. Call 01792 450031.

  • Can you evict them straight away?

    Yes, but we will instruct a minimum of two officers.

  • How quickly do you act?

    Normally within 24hrs of instruction

  • What is Halsbury’s Law on trespass?

    Every landowner has a right to remove trespassers from their land or property, under their ancient rights of Common Law found in Halsburys laws of England, Para 1400, volume 45 of Fourth edition. This right can be delegated to an agent /representative.

  • What additional Information do you need?

    Property: If you hold keys and alarm codes please let us know.

    Land: How many trespassers are on the Land.

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